Islam And Terrorism!

•What is Jihad?

While Islam is generally misunderstood in the west, perhaps no other Islamic term suggests such strong reaction as ‘Jihad’. The Arabic word ‘Jihad’ which is mostly always mistranslated as ‘holy war,’ simply means ‘to struggle’ or ‘to exert one’s utmost efforts’. It is incorrect to imagine that Jihad is synonymous only with fighting or war, for this is but one particular aspect of the term. Jihad is a struggle to do well and to remove injustice, oppression and evil from oneself and from society. This struggle is spiritual, social, economical and political.

Indeed, the concept of Jihad is one of life, and it is vast, not limited only to armed conflict. For example, one finds in the Glorious Quran, mention of “Jihad by means of the Quran,” meaning invitation to the truth, evidence, clarification and presenting the best argument. There is also “Jihad with the soul,” which means striving to purify the soul, to increase its faith and incline it towards good, while keeping it away from evil and from unlawful desires and temptations. Then there is “Jihad through wealth” which means spending it in various beneficial ways, including charities and welfare projects. And there is “Jihad through the self”, which comprises all good works done by a believer, such as propagation, teaching and finally, lawful armed struggle against aggression and oppression.

In the name of Jihad, Islam calls for the protection of societies from oppression, foreign domination and dictatorship that seize rights and freedom, that abolish just and moral rule, that prevent people from hearing the truth or following it, and that practice religious persecution. In the name of Jihad, it endeavors to teach belief in Allah عَزَّوَجَلَّ, the one supreme God, and worship of Him and to spread good values, virtue and morality through wise and proper methods. . Continue Reading
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