Why do Muslim women wear the veil – Hijab (Women Veil)

The matter of women’s dress might seem unimportant to some, especially in today’s western societies; however, Islam assigns to it moral, social and legal dimensions. Islam has defined the roles of men and women by allocating certain duties to each and granting certain rights to each. This is in order to maintain a proper balance in society. When men and women observe the proper Islamic dress, they not only protect their own honor and reputation, but they contribute greatly towards peace and order in society.

In general, there are certain guidelines concerning Muslim women’s dress. Their garments should not be tight or transparent as to reveal the shape of what is covered. They must cover their entire bodies. This mode of dress is called ‘Jilbaab’ which refers to a woman’s outer garments, with which she is entirely covered. Muslim women do not dress modestly in obedience to their fathers, brothers or husbands, but only in obedience to Allah’s عَزَّوَجَلَّ commandments.
Both men and women are expected to be chaste and modest and avoid any type of dress and conduct that may invite temptation. Both are instructed to look only at what is lawful for them to see and to guard their Chastity.. Continue Reading
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