♦ Abundance of Wealth:

Wealth will be abundant and visible everywhere, like a mountain of burning coals. This abundance will be so overwhelming that it will end up unbearable for the righteous and truthful people who will retire to the graveyards, desiring death.

♦ Time will pass Quickly:

Time will pass very swiftly, so much so that a year will slip away like a month, a month like a week, a week like a day while a day will fizzle out in a fleeting moment. People will pursue the knowledge of Islam for the sake of their mundane and material needs and not for the sake of Islam itself. Men will be submissive to their women. Children will disobey their parents. Some will prefer to be in the company of their friends and will desert their parents. People will discuss worldly affairs in the Masaajid. Music and dance will become the general order of the day. People will curse their ancestors and will talk ill of them. Wild animals will talk to humans. Mean and illiterate people will live in big mansions.. Read More
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