Welcome to Islam:

‘Welcome to Islam’ is an Islamic Guide book to help people who have accepted Islam and very beneficial for non-Muslims also. It is not another introductory book on Islam which you may find on various web sites but rather a step-by-step instruction guide book that allows you to start practicing what you learn immediately. Teaching the absolute basics of Islam that you should learn with valuable advices on some common challenges that new Muslims often face You will also taste a deep and unique sense of brother- and sisterhood created to ensure that every new Muslim enjoys the best experience of Islam. It also has the power to put love in our hearts for one another without even meeting. This beautiful script goes over the fundamental five pillars of Islam in detail followed by the Tafsir of certain chapters of the Holy Quran and a discussion about marriage and also a detailed answer to the questions that we will be asked in our graves, this book will prove to bebeneficial for everyone.

The text is based on topics, such as commandments and prohibitions, Prophets, descriptions of the beginning and the end of the world , Salah , Zakaah , Siyaam (fasting), hajj/pilgrimage , Islam science & health , Islam & terrorism , books related to (Ala Hadrat Imam-e-Ahl-e-Sunnat ,reforming ,translation ,teaching books supervised by Majlis( Al Madina- tul-Ilmiyyah) which are so impressive that they do not weaken the effect. The script proceeds from one topic to another without losing its spark, integrity and sweetness, qualities which generally do not go together, are found together here, where each figure finds a perfect application.

If Islam was to be described in two words they would be peace and compliance to Allah. Simply by saying with belief, “La ilaha illa Allah, Muhammadur-rasoolu Allah,” one transforms to Islam and becomes a Muslim. This acceptance needs a fully intentional and willing effort to submit to the one Almighty Allah. One must be aware and dedicated to give oneself to the services of Allah. This means to obey what Allah urges all of us to do (in the holy Qur’an) and what His beloved Prophet, Muhammad (P.b.u.h) inspired us to do in his Sunnah (sayings symbolizing the Qur’an). The entire cosmos is full of signs indicating that there is Allah (God) and that He is the Creator and Sustainer of all that prevails.